The Language of Diets

Posted by Cheryl on 2nd Oct 2014

As I was walking down Court St today, two young, fit looking women were walking in front of me and I kept catching glimmers of their conversation. "I really f'-ed up. Cheating. Never should have … read more


Posted by Cheryl on 22nd Jul 2014

During the 7 years that I interned at Flower Power Herbs & Roots, and now my first 2 months at Remedies, that is one of the more common questions I've heard. Someone will walk in, look around with … read more

Remedies in New York magazine!

Posted by Cheryl on 30th Jun 2014

Yesterday was Remedies one month anniversary and I'm thrilled to say we were able to mark the occasion with a little write up in none other than New York magazine!   I wasn't sure what to expect … read more

Our Store is Open!

9th Jun 2014

Remedies Herb Shop opened it's doors on May 31st!Thank you to everyone who helped make it a reality, and who came out to show your support. Look back to our blog for advice and tips. … read more