Intention VS Consciousness

Posted by Cheryl on 26th Jul 2015

Intention vs. ConsciousnessWe've all heard the phrase "The road to hell is paved with good intentions", and I must admit, I was always a little confused by this. After all, having good intentions … read more

My Spiritual Life

Posted by Cheryl on 29th Apr 2015

I was returning from a lovely Saturday night dinner out with my husband and daughter earlier this month - one of the little things I'm more and more appreciative of as August approaches, and my sec … read more

For the Love of Chocolate

Posted by Megan Vybiral-Bauske on 1st Feb 2015

Welcome to our guest blogger this month, Megan from Priory Pharmacia, who is sharing her love and knowledge of Cacao as we approach this most chocolatey of holidays.  Make sure you check out Mega … read more

Deep Immune Boosting Broth

Posted by Cheryl on 30th Oct 2014

So you want something to boost your immune system? That is the most common question at the shop this month.  As always when it comes to good health and wellness, diet and lifestyle are the best … read more