​Moon Medcine: An Invitation to Root into Your Own Light

Posted by Phelicia Magnusson on 20th Apr 2017

“Your skin smells like light. I think you are the moon” -Nayyirah WaheedMonthly I work with the moon to set intentions for my own growth, to check-in with myself, and to connect cycling within the sea … read more

The Courage to Change: A Conversation with Rose Tea

Posted by Phelicia Magnusson on 23rd Feb 2017

We'd like to welcome guest blogger, herbalist and flower essence practitioner Phelicia Magnusson, who will be sharing her wisdom and herbal insights with us for the next few months. Welcome back … read more

​Food Poisoning, Angels, Virginia and Natural Deodorant

Posted by Cheryl on 22nd Jun 2016

On the surface these things may seem a random, unrelated group of things. But as it turns out they sum up a unexpected trip I found myself on last week to meet up with my two daughters, ages 18 and … read more

Herbal Ways to Start Your Days

Posted by Cheryl on 18th May 2016

A blog I wrote for MindBodyGreen. Learn some herbal ways to start your day!6 Creative Ways to Sneak Healing Plants into your Breakfast … read more

The Cleanse Week 3 & 4

Posted by Cheryl on 2nd Mar 2016

A few of you have wondered where I've been for the final two weeks of my cleanse, and I suspect there was some worry that I fell off the wagon! I'm happy to report I completed the full 28 days, albeit … read more