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Shop Easy, Shop Local, Shop Lovely with Remedies Herb Shop All Natural Holiday Gift Sets

This season, we’d like to give you a break from the drama of holiday shopping. We’ve put together six gift sets, each on a theme, and each designed with your most challenging gift recipients in mind. Every gift set comes in its own wrap-ready box, already assembled and lovely.Today, we’d love to introduce you to our [...]

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Intention VS Consciousness

Intention vs. ConsciousnessWe've all heard the phrase "The road to hell is paved with good intentions", and I must admit, I was always a little confused by this. After all, having good intentions implies we mean well and want the best for everyone, right? But I've begun to see that having the best intentions doesn't necessarily equate to [...]

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My Spiritual Life

I was returning from a lovely Saturday night dinner out with my husband and daughter earlier this month - one of the little things I'm more and more appreciative of as August approaches, and my second born follows in the footsteps of her older sister who left for college last fall - when we were struck by the beautiful full [...]

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For the Love of Chocolate

Welcome to our guest blogger this month, Megan from Priory Pharmacia, who is sharing her love and knowledge of Cacao as we approach this most chocolatey of holidays.  Make sure you check out Megan's amazing Chocolate Lovers Kit here! Archaeological evidence suggests that 3500 years ago the ancient Olmec Civilization enjoyed a spicy, bitter beverage recognized as [...]

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Deep Immune Boosting Broth

So you want something to boost your immune system? That is the most common question at the shop this month.  As always when it comes to good health and wellness, diet and lifestyle are the best places to start. If your immune system is shot because you are under a lot of stress, see what you can [...]

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The Language of Diets

As I was walking down Court St today, two young, fit looking women were walking in front of me and I kept catching glimmers of their conversation. "I really f'-ed up. Cheating. Never should have." As curiosity got the better of me and I inched closer trying to figure out what horrible, immoral digression had been [...]

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During the 7 years that I interned at Flower Power Herbs & Roots, and now my first 2 months at Remedies, that is one of the more common questions I've heard. Someone will walk in, look around with their brow furrowed and ask aloud, “Does this stuff really work?” It always seems a rather strange [...]

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Remedies in New York magazine!

Yesterday was Remedies one month anniversary and I'm thrilled to say we were able to mark the occasion with a little write up in none other than New York magazine!   I wasn't sure what to expect when I checked the website yesterday as it wasn't clear what section the piece would appear in, how [...]

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Our Store is Open!

Remedies Herb Shop opened it's doors on May 31st!Thank you to everyone who helped make it a reality, and who came out to show your support. Look back to our blog for advice and tips.

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