Goldenrod, organic - 1 oz.

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Botanical Name: Solidago virgaurea

Goldenrod is a soothing urinary system tonic and can support kidney function; It has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. The flowering tops of Goldenrod taken as tea can help relieve allergy symptoms.* When used one month prior to hay fever season, together with Nettles, you may be able to avoid allergies all together!*From Susun Weed:"Before you complain that goldenrod is a pest and you're allergic to it, let me set the record straight: You aren't. No one is, no one can be, allergic to goldenrod pollen. Why? It has virtually none. What little pollen it makes is sticky, all the better to stick onto insects who pollinate the goldenrod. Only wind-pollinated plants -- like ragweed (Ambrosia artemisifolia), which blooms at the same time as goldenrod, and has an especially irritating pollen -- make enough pollen, and spread it widely enough, to cause allergic reactions."

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