• WishGarden Serious Relaxer WishGarden Serious Relaxer

    WishGarden Serious Relaxer

    MUSCLE TENSION Herbs to support and relax a tense or tired body.Serious relaxer is the first step to calm down after a stressful day.Powerful herbs to calm and decompress, can also be used to support healthy sleep cycles.Life has a way of ratcheting…

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  • WishGarden Serious Cough Symptom Soother

    WishGarden Serious Cough Symptom Soother

    Serious Cough SOOTHER     Calm your cough with WishGarden Herbs' Serious Cough. This formula is designed for wet or dry coughs, ones that are intermittent or coughs as rhythmic as a timepiece. Serious Cough soothes tired throats, ca…

    $15.00 - $25.00
  • WishGarden Quiet Time for Kids
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    WishGarden Quiet Time for Kids

    1oz. Children's nerves can get easily frazzled, which can frazzle Mom and Dad, too. WishGarden Herbs' Quiet Time formula helps to support a child in returning to a centered state. Formulated with gentle herbs to calm and soothe. Active...

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  • WishGarden PMS Emotional

    WishGarden PMS Emotional

    RADICAL RESCUE! For monthly discomfort. Herbs to calm, soothe and support a woman's healthy hormone cycle. "That time of the month" deserves extra care and support. WishGarden Herbs' PMS Emotional is designed to help relieve cycle-related discomfort…

    $15.00 - $25.00
  • WishGarden Monthly Rescue

    WishGarden Monthly Rescue

    PMS causes many women to feel bloated and irritable and to be in temporary physical discomfort. WishGarden Herbs' Monthly Rescue provides natural support for women, helping them maintain healthy hormone levels while supporting a more comfortable body…

  • WishGarden Lymph Mover

    WishGarden Lymph Mover

    Lymph Mover ACTIVATION FORMULA The lymph system is critical for our health and well-being. A well-functioning lymph system strengthens your body's natural resistances. WishGarden Herbs' Lymph Mover supports optimal lymphatic function with a...

    $15.00 - $25.00
  • WishGarden Liquid Bliss

    WishGarden Liquid Bliss

    PEACE & TRANQUILITY Enjoy a bit of liquid peace and tranquility. This formula contains herbs that nourish your nervous system and support an open heart and your body's feel-good hormones, helping to lift your mood and increase your sense of...

    $10.00 - $25.00
  • Wishgarden Kick-Ass Sinus Wishgarden Kick-Ass Sinus

    Wishgarden Kick-Ass Sinus

    Kick-Ass Sinus Supports healthy mucus and sinus function.* Heroic herbs for localized immune health.* Soothes minor irritations.* Non-GMO and gluten-free.* 2-4 droppers full in water for taste, every 2-4 hours as needed. Repeat in 5 minutes for ext…

    $15.00 - $25.00
  • WishGarden Kick-Ass Immune Activator
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    WishGarden Kick-Ass Immune Activator

    Starting to feel run down? Got that horrible feeling of knowing you're about to get sick? Kick-Ass Immune is a stellar team of respiratory and immune supporting herbs that promote a healthy immune system response and serve as a first line of defense …

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  • WishGarden Kick-Ass Allergy, Seasonal Rescue

    WishGarden Kick-Ass Allergy, Seasonal Rescue

    For when your head feels a lot bigger than it is...seasonal stress and irritation can lead to case of mistaken identity. WishGarden Herbs' Kick-Ass Allergy supports a healthy immune response to seasonal stressors. Your body thinks you're fighting...

    $15.00 - $25.00
  • WishGarden Kick Ass Biotic

    WishGarden Kick Ass Biotic

    Once you're past the point of no return and nothing else seems to do the trick, then reach for WishGarden Herbs' Kick-Ass Biotic. This formula is a powerful combination of herbs that support the body while encouraging your natural immune response...

    $15.00 - $25.00
  • WishGarden Hot FlashTamer

    WishGarden Hot FlashTamer

    Hot flashes can be unpleasant and overpowering. WishGarden Herbs' Hot Flash supports healthy hormone levels when women are going through menopause and perimenopause, bringing a little bit of cool when there's too much sizzle. Active Ingredients: Bla…