Priya Lavender Mud Hair & Scalp Cleanser 8oz

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A radically natural solution for a happy scalp and healthy, glossy hair with incredible volume. No lab-created chemical surfactants that foam - the full ingredients list is clay, a handmade organic mixed herbal extract, organic aloe vera, and organic essential oils - that's it! Clays have been used to wash the skin and hair for centuries. Nettle and horsetail are traditional nourishing tonic herbs for strong, healthy hair. Aloe vera, cedarwood, and lavender cool and tone the scalp. This is 'no poo' done right, gentle, delightful to use, and kind to an irritated scalp. Because it doesn't strip your hair of oils, which leads to subsequent oil overproduction, you may find you need to wash your hair less often! Leaves nothing on your hair, so hair has more body, bounce, and volume, and brings out curl for those with curly and wavy hair.Ingredients: red clay, water, extract of organic nettle leaf, extract of organic cornflower blossoms, extract of organic horsetail leaf, organic aloe vera gel, and organic essential oils.Directions: Shake bottle until the contents sound milkshake-thick. Wet hair and scalp, and pour a small amount of this slippery-textured Mud into your hand, massage into scalp in sections, and rinse (no need to apply to the hair itself). Rinses out easily and leaves hair slippery and easy to comb, as though it's been shampooed and then conditioned! The cleanser will not foam or leave hair “squeaky clean” and overstripped like conventional detergents – but it will leave your scalp clean, exfoliated, and refreshed and your hair voluminous! Follow with an optional diluted vinegar rinse (1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water - I like to add a few drops of essential oil to my bottle of acv first) for extra shine and slip, and rinse out. You truly do not need conditioner when using the Mud!