Lucid Dreams: "Your Portal To Dreams" from Highest Self Elixirs- 1/4 oz.

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- Hand made in the Hudson Valley. 
- Wild Mugwort tincture. 
- Gem essences of Moldavite & Herkimer diamond. 
- Increases intuition & Lucid Dreaming. 
- Heals the third eye chakra. 

Aemen dug the herkimer diamonds in this gem essence herself. The Mugwort base is from very wild, very powerful mugwort that she picks herself from the mountains of New York state, and sometimes from isolated beaches. This is an incomparable potion! 
Dreams have always been known as precious gifts, sent as guidance and prophecy from the higher self. Lucid Dreams incorporates three ingredients to attune one to this powerful state: Gem Essence of hand-mined Herkimer Diamond activates the dream state and brings light into the energy body; Gem Essence of Moldavite allows one to access higher dimensional energies; and handmade Tincture of Mugwort, an herb long loved and used for it's magical dream enhancing properties.

Taking Lucid Dreams at bedtime heightens ones dream state. Utilizing Lucid Dreams during the day intensifies ones transformational life synchronisities. Lucid Dreams guides your soul towards ascension. When used during meditation it can bring one in conscious contact with guides.

Ingredients: Moldavite and Herkimer diamond gem essences, Mugwort tincture, pure spring water, vodka, & Moonlight.