Lion's Gate: "Your Portal to Courage" from Highest Self Elixirs- 1/4 oz.

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-Hand made in the Hudson Valley.

Wild Goldenrod extract.- Gem essences of Citrine, Ruby, & Quartz.- Increases kidney chi.- Heals the solar plexus, motivates, & invites courage.

Stand up and Shine With Golden Joy!Lion's Gate fortifies the Will/Solar Chakra. The Will chakra is sometimes overlooked by spiritual seekers, but in fact it is the fire that lights the furnace of the Divine Heart, giving us the energy and focus to to go after what we really want!Signs of having an under active Will Chakra are:- Low or no motivation, - Inability to start or finish projects, even ones you used to love- Getting swept up in group situations, including going along with things you don't believe in- Not knowing what you stand for in general, having no/low life direction or purpose.- Getting exhausted or drained when in public situations- Living your life by someone else's rules- Spending time with people you really don't like!- Living in a state of being "victimized", especially chronicallySigns of a Strong, functioning Will Chakra are:- Having access to joy, fun, purpose, and passion- Being able to gracefully navigate change, such as letting go of negative situations/people- A general feeling of confidence, that you can influence things to go your way- Desire to do every day courageous acts, such as saying how you feel, following your intuition, and changing your life a little at a time.- Moving from just surviving to joyfully thrivingWe are all born strong, but sometimes as children we have to bow down to family rules, school rules, and societal rules to stay "safe". We eventually learn that being ourselves and going against the grain could be dangerous and get us ignored, teased, or worse. Unfortunately, when we lose contact with our divine Will, that means we spiritually give over its control to someone or something else (even if they don't want it!). You can be operating your Will Chakra based on what you believe would please your kindergarten teacher for the past 15 years, or your boss, or grandma! Unfortunately, getting separated from our inner, golden Will Chakra separates us from a very important part of ourselves: access to our Earth Mission. Owning and working with our higher desires, whether they are saving the ocean, finding true love, starting a business, or starting an exercise program, should feel good even when its hard. Being separated from our Will makes going after our desires feel icky, leaving us in a bewildered, guilty feeling state. Getting reconnected can feel like coming home, because you will no longer be locked in a battle with yourself, thinking that you should be trying to please and serve others by dampening and ignoring the voice of your own Spirit. The best way to serve is to inspire others to go after their secret, amazing, dreams by going after yours - full blast!!!

Lion's Gate was made under the Leo Full Moon, in the pristine and sacred Catskill Mountains. Enjoy your life, that's what you're here for!!

Ingredients: Wildcrafted, fresh Goldenrod Flowers, Citrine crystal essence, Ruby crystal essence, quartz crystal essence, Moonlight, Sunlight, & Reiki.