Fairy Drops from Highest Self Elixir - 1/4 oz.

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Hear the voices of the plants & harmonize with the fairy realm. Flowering Thyme, Mint & Serpentine.We all yearn for a closer connection with Nature - and why shouldn't we? We are, indeed, children of the Earth! But, for many of us, the path of our life has taken us away from the natural world. We're often unsure of how to even begin connecting. But the good news is that we're always connected and it's just about tuning into it!

Faeries are the guardian angels of the natural world. They are the diplomats between the green world and the human world. Many faeries are reaching out to those humans with sensitive hearts who wish to learn more about our amazing, beautiful planet and how to protect Her. Hearing the faeries, and the voices of the plants, is not like hearing with your ear. The natural world speaks through the language of symbols and through our hearts. Fairy Drops helps you to connect to the joy in your heart, which is the portal that deciphers the language of the faeries. This is how we celebrate the land!

Fairy Drops is for people who:- want to connect with Nature- are studying plant medicine and herbalism or are working with plants- are stuck indoors because of modern lifestyles or jobs- are traveling or moving to a new, foreign land and want to connect with it- feel there is something missing in their hearts, specifically that innocent & ecstatic joy that you had as a child- are doing healing work with flower essences or herbs- feel a strong connection to the color of emerald or grass green- feel a strong healing when they think of or see emerald or grass green- wish to connect to their inner child or a child in their lives- want to create with a sense of abandon, opposed to trying to fit their creativity into societal norms- wish to become a steward of the land, such as environmentalists- are seeking more joy- want to connect to the magic of the fairy world


Ingredients: Crystal Essences of Watermelon Tourmaline, Galena, Serpentine, Green Garnet, Leopard Skin Jasper, Hornblend, & Green Aventurine in herbal extracts of a variety of fresh, wild Mints & flowering Thyme, spring water, & organic grape alcohol.