Bed of Roses botanical perfume by Phoenix Botanicals - 5ml

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A decadent aromatic celebration of the Rose. Inspired by sleeping on scattered Wild Rose petals after all day oceanside harvests, and waking up feeling renewed, blessed, spoiled.
The sweet, bashful scent of fresh roses carried on the summer wind, intensifies into a jammy indulgence as a handful of petals is sniffed with gusto.
Precious Rose essences from around the world awaken memories of countryside rose harvests, ancient flower markets, elaborate rose gardens. The petals slowly wilt, settling into a bittersweet,
earthy notes holding nostalgia and a softer magic.

Featured notes: Champaca, Violet, Neroli, 5 Roses, Jasmine, Carnation,
Angelica, Vetiver, Oakmoss.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, infused Wild Rose petals, pure plant essential oils and absolutes.