Urban Moonshine Aller-Blast - 2 oz.

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Urban Moonshine's Allergy Blast is made with fresh stinging nettle, which inhibits the allergic response. Our formula is unique because we use the immune-modulating power of reishi mushroom and the tonic action of bitter artichoke. We then added elderflowerand red clover--traditionally used to support a healthy respiratory tract for a fast acting allergic response formula. It can also be taken daily long-term. Ingredients: Water, Organic Alcohol, Org. Fresh Nettle, Org. Artichoke, Org. Elderflower, Org. Red Clover, and Raw Honey. GLUTEN FREE. Suggested Use: To inhibit allergic response, take 5ml every 2-3 hours. 30-35% Alcohol. GLUTEN FREE. Safe in pregnancy and lactation if used in consultation with your healthcare provider. 12 servings per container