Floracopeia White Rose Infused perfume - 1 dram (5ml)

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Effervescent. Elevating. Velvety. Romantic. The very apex of floral luxury. Majestic Rose, the cornerstone of natural perfumery and emotional healing, is now available in the convenience and elegance of a violet glass roll-on bottle.

This organic roll-on, carrying the full-bodied aromatic character of a fine perfume, contains jojoba oil infused with the CO2 extraction of the ancient and potently fragrant White Rose. This particular extraction captures the essence of the fresh fragrance of White Rose. Close your eyes, breathe in, and you just may find yourself transported.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil infused with organic oil of White Rose, CO2 extract. Housed in a violet glass roll-on bottle with a glass applicator ball.