Floracopeia Lemon Oil - 1/2oz

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Long known for its bright, tangy and pure scent, lemon essential oil can clear and refresh a fatigued mind quickly when added to your diffuser. The ability of lemon essential oil to increase mental clarity and elevate the mood makes lemon essential oil a particularly useful oil for use in the home or workplace. This oil’s fragrance is especially familiar and cherished, with an uplifting effect on the spirit. The fresh, sweet scent of lemon, combined with its healing properties, makes lemon an excellent choice for those who may be sensitive to stronger medicinal smelling oils such as tea tree.Because citrus oils are considered by both perfumers and aromatherapists to be very versatile in blends, lemon is a welcome addition to your essential oil collection. When a particular blend you have created has become too heavy, just a drop or two of lemon will lighten the overall fragrance. Try a simple blend of lavender and lemon: it may become your favorite diffuser blend.