Alaskan Essences Calling All Angels spray - 2oz

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Calling All Angels helps you to contact the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm. It contains Angelica, Chalice Well, Chiming Bells, and Kunzite. These essences bring a soft, loving, serene energy into your heart, physical body, and environment. They are complemented by the following precious essential oils: Bulgarian Red Rose Otto, Carnation, Alpine Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit. These joyful and calming oils promote the release of tension and help us open our hearts to the love and peace of the angels.

This spray came out of Jane’s work with children who were having difficulty sleeping, and as a result were keeping their parents up as well. Instead of calling out for mom or dad after waking up, they would use this spray, say, “calling all angels”, and fall back into a peaceful slumber. It became very popular!

Use the Calling All Angels Spray to: Invoke the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm into a room after it has been Space Cleared Create a sacred, protected space for sleeping and dreaming-works for pets too! Strengthen the awareness that all family members are supported and protected by the angels Bring the essence of joy and peace into your life Make a stronger connection to the Divine feminine