Vermont Soap Neem Tooth Salt - 2.8 oz.

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Vermont Soap's Tooth Salt with the added benefit of neem! The Neem tree contains medicinal qualities in it’s bark, leaves, fruit, seeds, and oils and is known for being a bit of a cure all. For thousands of years, neem has been used to prevent tooth decay, keep gums healthy, dramatically reduce plaque, and freshen breath. Adding neem to our Tooth Salt seemed like a no brainer! Instructions: Sprinkle onto a wet toothbrush and go. Tooth Salt has a handy squeeze bottle and twist dispensing cap for ease of use. Brush as normal; Tooth Salt helps to maintain a healthful oral environment for your teeth and gums to flourish in.Healthy Hint: For thousands of years people have gargled with salt water to aid oral care. Salt water is said to kill germs, and soothe irritated gum tissues. After brushing your teeth swish the rinse water around in your mouth as long as you can. It will give an extra boost to your oral care regimen! Contians Sea salt, USP Sodium Bicarbonate, Peppermint Oil, Neem