Brooklyn Herborium DMAE Eye Gel

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Pat this botanical based gel under your eyes to feel refreshed and look awake all day! Made with Organic Aloe to sooth and calm puffiness, Witch Hazel to reduce dark circles, real Distilled Cucumber Juice (yes, the scent is REAL) to hydrate outer layers of your skin (reducing the look of fine lines) and highly anti-oxidant Cranberry Seed Oil. In addition to nature's bounty, this firming eye gel packs in Vitamin B5 and a healthy portion of DMAE*. It can even be used as a face or neck masque to help firm & tone problem areas!
When to Use:
In the morning (after your moisturizer and before make-up)
1. Using your ring finger, pat 3 small dabs of DMAE Firming Eye Gel on the bone under each eye.
2. Gently smooth along the ridge from the inner eye to the outer corner.
There is no need to rub product directly under the eye- it will travel up the thin skin to the area where you want it to go.
A little goes a long way