Fox Farm Lavender Bath Bomb " Relax " - 100 mg CB()D

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Ingerdients: lavender essential oil, Fractionated Coconut, Kaolin clay, Epsom salts, citric acid, baking soda

Bath bombs made in micro batches by your friendly neighborhood certified aromatherapist with skin softening oils and butters and pure essential oils, and shrink-wrapped with biodegradable film. 
Bathing with essential oils can be deeply therapeutic. The warm water vaporizes the oils so that, as you step into the tub, one whiff fills your senses. As you immerse your body into the silky water, your skin absorbs the oils so they can work their magic on every level of body, mind and spirit. You emerge from the soak feeling refreshed, renewed, relaxed and rejuvenated. And you can’t wait to repeat the experience!

A bath bomb, properly made, can be the perfect vehicle to disperse those magical oils safely into the bath water. Because oil and water do not mix on their own, essential oils added to water without a dispersent will tend to pool atop the surface, increasing the likelihood that those super-concentrated oils will irritate your skin. Our bath bombs are formulated so that, as the bath bomb fizzes away, just the right amount of pure essential oils and skin softening oils and butters are dispersed completely throughout the water. You reap all the benefits of an essential oil soak with zero worries of irritation.