Cloud Nine: "Your Portal to Peace" by HIghest Self Elixirs- 1/2 oz.

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- Hand made in the Hudson Valley.- Organic Lavender extract- Gem essence of Amethyst, Quartz, & Rhodonite.- Heals the Crown chakra. - Beneficial for nervousness.- Grounds electrical energy & radiation. Many times spiritual seekers begin to work with their Crown Chakra prematurely. The beauty and serenity one finds there leaves the material world seeming a bit bland in comparison, and the seeker may begin to focus all their energy there. This can be dangerous, as we are physically here on Earth for a reason, and being spaced out leaves room for disease states in the mind and body, inability to connect with other people, and even entities moving in. On the other hand, a person who is not working with their Crown Chakra at all is overly concerned with the material world, has trouble believing in and trusting Sprit, and is shut off from seeing the world as "all one". Cloud 9 is designed to help balance out the situation, either way.Signs of a misaligned Crown Chakra (too open or blocked):-Feeling like you are not completely in your body, not being aware of limbs, or not being aware of the body below the waist, clumsiness-Having no compassion for others, having no awareness of your actions impact on others, alternately; believing that everything you do affects others to an intense degree (obsessed with own spiritual power,)-Having spiritual traumas and dramas, i.e. feeling abandoned by God, shut off from the rest of human beings, etc- Having been "blasted open" by drug use, over meditating without grounding, unbalanced kundalini raising, and any sort of cult activity, like giving way your connection to Spirit to someone/something else.-Alternately: as a child being forced out of their imagination by a harsh parent or situation-Not remembering dreams, or having only mundane dreams-Not being able to digest well, the energy being overly circulated in the Crown areaCloud 9 can be used daily to help transmute lower/shadowy energy. It is especially useful for those going through any sort of dark night of the soul type situation, helping one to claim their own shadow and use the energy it offers for the good of all, as opposed to denying the shadow, and projecting it onto others.Cloud 9 is also great to use as soon as one encounters a spiritual or emotional trauma, also known as "soul loss". Both Lavender and Amethyst are very good for protecting against spiritual attack, both accidental, and purposely directed.A balanced Crown Chakra gently lights the way to a human/Spirit connection. It is the doorway through which we receive divine light. If the door is closed, life is dull and monotonous. If too open, we fly out, attracted by the brightness of non-material life. Try Cloud 9 and use the Crown Chakra for what its for, connecting with visions and inspirations to make this life the paradise on Earth we yearn for! Ingredients: Organic Lavender, Vodka for extracting, Amethyst gem essence, Quartz gem essence, Rhodonite gem essence, Moonlight, Sunlight, & Reiki.