Mushroom Cocoa | full spectrum immune support

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A blend of fair trade, organic cacao powder and New York State medicinal mushroom extract powders, with just a touch of vanilla bean. The result is a chocolate powder that supports the entire body, by boosting immunity, balancing energy levels, and helping respond to environmental stressors.



USE: Mix 1-2 tsp with 8 oz. of milk of your choice, add optional sweetener. Add to coffee for a mocha or mix with dandy blend for a robust coffee alternative. Mix in smoothies or use in baking as you would cocoa.


Contains 20-30 servings

All organic + fair trade:

  • Cacao powder
  • New York State mushroom extract powders of Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Reishi, Artist's Conk, Chaga + Turkey TailVanilla Bean Powder