Alaskan Essences Fireweed Combo - 1oz

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Fireweed Combo™ Fireweed • River Beauty • White Fireweed • Dwarf FireweedFireweed Combo encourages and supports deep processes of transformation and renewal. It can be used to help you prepare for a transformational experience, but it is especially useful when you are in the middle of an intense healing process and need extra support to get through it. Fireweed Combo enables you to access the support you need to face your fears, let go of your resistance, and allow the process to move forward through each stage to its completion. Using this formula will help you:Strengthen your grounding connection to the Earth so your energy system will be more stable and better able to cope with changeShift the whole transformative process to a deeper level by releasing layers of deep pain and emotional trauma that are being held at the cellular level of the bodyStay engaged with the transformative process until you have resolved all of the issues that are connected to itReconnect with the desired levels of joy and happiness that are your birthrightInstructions for Use: Fireweed Combo and be taken internally or added to a bath whenever you need additional support to make it through a period of intense transformation and change.