Desk Aid Kit

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Desk Aid Kit

This little kit is the perfect thoughtful gift for the hard-working office warrior in your life. Includes Mind/Body Relief Balm, Sweet Mouth Mint Drops, and Lavanilla Body Butter. Tame a stressful day with MIND/BODY RELIEF BALM, a soothing minty-herbal rub for tension headaches and muscle aches.. 1.7 oz jarNix coffee breath with SWEET MOUTH MINT DROPS, a potent, delicious instant single-drop breath freshener! Great before a face-to-face or as a pick-me-up. 5 ml glass bottle, Fend off dry office air with Lavanilla Body Butter—use after washing hands for paper cut prevention, and engage in a little calming self-care while you’re at it. (1 oz tin