Floracopeia Grapefruit Oil - 1/2 oz.

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A exceptionally refreshing purifier and detoxification supporter, grapefruit oil is renowned for its broad spectrum cleansing effects, operating equally on the digestive, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Inhalation of grapefruit oil can support an increase in metabolism.
In massage, grapefruit’s diuretic action eases water retention, assisting in weight loss protocols, and enhancing lymphatic drainage. Like other astringent citrus oils, grapefruit essential oil is believed to support the reduction in adipose tissue, making it a common oil to address cellulite concerns. Grapefruit oil is also supportive to cerebral, reproductive and joint circulation and aids in encouraging an overall healthy inflammatory response.

Reviving, uplifting and imparting emotional buoyancy, grapefruit essential oil is considered especially beneficial due to its ability to ease tension from daily stress and aid nervous system equilibrium. A mild euphoric, it can soothe and uplift the emotions and spirit and help balance a jittery or depleted central nervous system. It’s light, zesty aromatic profile imparts those same qualities upon inhalation.