Wolf's Milk from Highest Self Elixir - 1/4 oz.

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Keywords: protection

Wolf's Milk helps strengthen astral boundaries. It allows us to become aware of the origins of the energies that we interact with. In other words, we are grounded into the very tissues of our bodies so that we can feel how people, environments, and energies affect us. As we walk our path, we often pick up energies that do not serve us. We used to think entities were forced upon us, but it is really our own thoughts and behaviors that invite them and give them a home in our energy field. Taking responsibility of inviting these entities should not involve blame or guilt because every step of our path is an expression of divine will.

However, it is always nice to have a powerful friend who knows how to help you. Wolf's Milk is that friend. It allows you to be vigilant in your awareness of, both, your inner and outer worlds & how they do or do not vibrate in harmony with your highest good. It brings to conscious light the situations & habits that invite the negative energies, entities, and thought patterns. In addition to shining a light on, what would otherwise go unseen, it also creates a veil of protection and helps to patch up any holes in your astral field. Wolf's Milk is for:- anyone on a spiritual path- anyone working with clearing their energy fields- anyone who works or lives in a city- anyone who needs protection while transitioning out of an abusive relationship or situation- anyone who's job or lifestyle brings them into contact with many people- anyone who's job or lifestyle brings them into contact with emotionally or physically ill people- anyone working in a bar - healers of all walks, especially those new to shamanism who are traversing into different realms- anyone with heaviness in the lower bodyAs stated earlier, Wolf's Milk aids in releasing your entities into the light. What is an entity? Any energy that drains you and keeps you from your higher self - especially repetitive and chronic behavior. Signs and symptoms of hosting an entity:- food addictions: including binging, purging, unconscious eating, intense cravings, and eating food that consistently makes you feel bad- chronic body odor unrelated to hygiene or exercise- candida overgrowth- hoarding or collecting things you will never use- obsession with the past- unhealthy boundaries with family (i.e. hearing their voices and judgments in your head)- unresolved chronic anger that you cannot control nor locate where it's coming from- sexual addictions, i.e. specific chronic sexual engagement, including pornography, that consistently leaves you feeling bad, drained, or ashamed (if this applies to you, combine with Healing Chalice This is just a small cross-section. If you believe that you have an entity, please do more research and remember to not attach any self blame or criticism but instead work with love and forgiveness.

Ingredients: Crystal Essences of Labradorite & Herkimer Diamonds in herbal tinctures of wild, fresh Solomon's Seal, spring water, & organic grape alcohol.