Calm the Itch - 1/2 oz.

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Ingredients: organic sweet almond oil, organic jojoba oil, organic essential oils of evening primrose, lavender & chamomile roman

Bugs! Rashes! Itchy little mysteries! Calm it all down with a drop or two of this special blend of 100% organic essential and therapeutic oils. They soothe and nourish the skin, helping tocalm irritations and minimize the itch.

Sweet almond and jojoba oils help protect the skin, adding hydration and nutrition to facilitate quick healing. Evening primrose, lavender and chamomile roman are known for their calming effects and their abilities to repair the skin gently and efficiently. Together, they smell good, feel good on your skin, and provide a layer of protection and moisture to allow tissues to heal naturally. Lavender’s antibacterial properties are an added bonus! Can be used under a bandaid to further protect skin from fingernails that can’t help reaching out to scratch.