"Rockabilly": Neal's Gnarly Beard Tamer - 1oz.

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“Rockabilly” – a woodsy, spicy & citrus aroma, made with organic cedarwood, clove bud & sweet orange. 


Tame those wild whiskers! Beards are in, according to a quick look around Austin (and pretty much everywhere else), and here’s some grooming help for your manes. Neal’s Gnarly is a custom, hand-crafted beard oil made in small batches. It’s a hair and skin conditioner. And we only use all-natural, multi-purpose, organic carrier oils and essential oils to get the job done.

If you’ve never used beard oil, you’re in for a simple grooming treat: it replenishes your whisker’s natural oils that can be stripped by shampoo or beard washes, and moisturizes your skin & hair at the same time. Nourishing the hair prevents breakage and increases healthy beard growth. Skin hydration soothes the prickliness of hair at the base of the beard, making itching and flakiness no longer your problem.  Jojoba & sweet almond oils absorb quickly and are non-greasy (no slick, greasy ‘staches here). Therapeutic essential oils keep hair follicles healthy, which also helps keep the itch down.

You get softer, more manageable whiskers with less frizz, more body. Whether a full natural or simple goatee,  consistent use will make the difference between whiskers you deal with andwhiskers that rock.