Healing Chalice from Highest Self Elixir - 1/2 oz.

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- Hand made in the Hudson Valley. - Extracts of Motherwort, Hawthorn, & St. John's - Gem essences of Carnelian, Jasper, & Orange Calcite - Healing for the second/sacral chakra. - Helps remove creative blocks and regain body trust. Keywords: trust, healing sexual trauma, creativity, feminine power. So many of us have experienced trauma in the second chakra pertaining to sexuality, creativity, and femininity. The second chakra is the place we hold our vulnerability, so it is often a place we hold wounding. It takes much courage to share the qualities of this chakra, so when it is not well received, or is even outright rejected, we tend to retreat and not share our wounds with others who might be able to help. When this chakra is out of balance we are unable to trust emotions, people, and even our own motivations or desires. Holding the wounds of our second chakra will eventually leave it in a blocked state. This will leave us feeling shut down to our natural creativity and healthy sensuality. These are the very things we must invoke in order to not only heal our second chakra wounds but to actually use them to grow and be able to flow even greater with creativity and sensuality. Motherwort is used for all kinds of emotional healing, but it has a special ability to circulate the energy from the womb to the heart and back again. Thus it connects our second chakra to universal and personal love, aligning us with it so that we can attract it. This makes us feel safe again. Hawthorne is a great healer of grief, allowing us to see our own grief and inviting us to share it in a safe way that it might be accepted and released. It is also an herb of the fairy folk and can help with inspiring creativity channeled from their magical realm. St. John's Wort soothes the frazzled nerves that appear when we have been deeply blocked for a long period. The gem essences in Healing Chalice are chosen for their ability to gently and joyfully open and clear the second chakra, inviting us to see our own sparkle and shine again. Orange Calcite vibrates at the perfect shade of tree-ripe orange, while Carnelian helps to overcome all issues of sexuality and trust interrelating again. Jasper creates a pathway in the body for all of the energy to circulate through as the body itself suffers when cut off from its sensuality. Ingredients: Crystal Essences of Carnelian, Orange Calcite, & Jasper in herbal tinctures of wild, fresh Hawthorne Berry, Motherwort & St. John's Wort blended with Hibiscus flower essence, spring water, organic grape alcohol & water from a sacred chalice well.