The Secret Language of Herbs

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By Alice Peck 


Discover the hidden meanings of 55 popular herbs. With stunning illustrations, this is the perfect introduction to the fascinating language and lore of herbs. 

"This lovely little hardback would make a perfect gift for any herb, plant or flower lover. Every herb has on one page an accurate colour illustration of the herb in an imaginative setting, and on the facing page a history of the plant’s use, some keywords associated with it and a few lines on what it means if that herb appeals to you. All the familiar herbs are there – Thyme, Mint, Oregano and Marjoram – plus a few more exotic ones, including Kava and Mullein. The herbs are also divided into four groups, based on their primary characteristics." Cygnus Review

Drawn to finding the sacred in the everyday, Alice Peck is the author of Mindful Beads and Be More Tree, as well as Bread, Body, Spirit and Next to Godliness.