Peony Rose Botanicals FULL MOON Manifestation Soap

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Full Moon Manifestation Soap
With essential oils of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and ground sage herb.
“Dear Lady Luna, Ruler of the Night, Fulfill my Desires by Magical Moonlight!”
Infused with the sacred scents of sweetgrass, sage and cedar, Full Moon Manifestation Soap really delivers on your intentions. Crafted during the Full Moon, Full Moon Manifestation Soap opens the pathways for big results, and wishes to come true. Wash with it anytime you want to encourage the manifestation of your hearts desire. Be careful what you wish for though; you might just get it!
Peony Rose Apothecary soaps are hand-crafted in small batches, always vegan, infused with love and joy and never tested on animals.
contains saponified oils of olive, coconut, and sustainable palm, culinary sage, essential and fragrance oils, reiki, and blessings of love, joy and wellness.