Merino Wool Sleep Mask (Slate) Grey by You Are What You Sleep

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Color: Slate Grey

Wellnezzz™ Sleep Masks are made with the same attention to detail as all of our ThermaControl Wool products. And with several improvements on your average sleep mask.

Firstly, we never understood why masks were made of synthetic or non-breathable materials (the ones from airlines are worst). We know from our bedding experience that wool performs well at keeping you dry and comfortable because it naturally wicks moisture away from your skin. 

We use three very specific layers of merino wool in our masks. Why merino? Because its fibers are too fine to irritate skin. And it wears incredibly well; silk tends to catch and scuff. (Merino is also the unique blend of natural, sustainable and premium.) The merino layer closest your face is a superfine Italian suiting material. The outside layer is also Italian, but not quite as fine. The inside, middle layer, is a thicker black merino knit which breathes beautifully, but blocks out even the rudest aircraft cabin lighting. 

Secondly, the circular dot sewn onto each mask has a purpose. This marks an acupressure spot which you can gently massage with the middle finger of your left hand, to help you relax.

And finally, because ‘velcro’ and ‘hair’ never mixes well, and the 'one size fits all' promise of fixed straps is just not true, our masks use velvety-soft elastic straps that are also adjustable. This guarantees everyone gets a perfect and customized fit.