Flower, Crystal, Moon: A Handbook for Highest Self Elixirs

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by Aemen Bell


"Flower, Crystal, Moon" is the long-awaited handbook to the Highest Self Elixirs line of healing and transformative elixirs!

Written by Aemen Bell, certified Herbalist and formulator of Highest Self Elixirs, the book not only guides the reader in using the elixirs for healing, transformation, and integration, but also shares experimental wisdom regarding the herbs and crystals in the formulas. This makes the book valuable to anyone who is interested in using herbs and crystals for practical, life-changing metaphysical purposes. The reader will find a compassionate tone with much wisdom to share within these pages.


Wolf's Milk

Healing Chalice

Rainbow Tentacles

White Light

Fairy Drops

Lucid Dreams

Pink Heart

Bird Song

Lion's Gate

You're Grounded

Cloud Nine