The Illustrated Bestiary by Maia Toll

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"A quintessential companion for Magizoologists and witches and wizards alike who appreciate the magical creatures in the wizarding world, The Illustrated Bestiary is a perfect addition to your collection." - MuggleNet

"Maia Toll’s Illustrated Bestiary is a collection of animal-inspired personal reflections, gorgeous illustrations, and short rituals for spiritual growth. Part lore, part animal facts, and part personal development guide, this book is a perfect modern-day rendition of the Medieval conception of bestiaries. Although each entry in the book may address a few fun facts or provide a glimpse into traditional beliefs about each animal, Toll’s writing really shines when discussing what life lessons a person can learn from these animals. She expounds upon these lessons by offering simple rituals and thought exercises inspired by each animal, intended to help the reader heal and grow in their personal life journey." - MuggleNet