Grey Marino Water and Tea Infuser by Grosche - 16.5 oz.

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Are you looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to sugary pop and sodas? Wanting to reduce the amount of sugars your family are consuming with store bought juices and drinks? Then the MarinoFruit & Tea infuser is the answer for you! BPA and Pthalate free, this is a very easy to use infuser that will help you and your family stay hydrated with a tasty and healthy alternative to sugary sodas and store bought fruit juice. The Marino fruit and tea infuser is perfect for infusing loose leaf tea, or small pieces of fruit. The Marino has double sided opening bottle with a stainless steel infuser and fine mesh tea strainer. The strainer unscrews at the bottom and you can put your loose leaf or fruit pieces directly into the strainer. The strainer has a silicone seal that will keep your tea or fruit securely in the strainer. The Marino is made from borosilicate heat-resistant glass which can withstand boiling water for tea infusion. The outer grip is great when drinking hot drink, and will ensure no slipping when drinking. The top of the bottle is stainless steel and a twist on lid that will ensure no mess when taking your Marino on the go. It has a secure strap that makes the Marino easy to carry for on-the-go infusion. Some of our favorite fruit to infuse include lime, strawberries, melons, mango, pineapple, cranberries, lemons, and herbs such as mint.