"Peace & Quiet" pillow mist/sleep spray

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from 512 Organics

Ingredients: distilled water, vodka spirits, organic essential oils of clary sage, bergamot and  lavender.

If you wonder how you’ll ever get the little ones down at night (asleep! whew!), here’s some help. Kids love the ritual of Mom coming along with her magical bottle of smell-good to spritz their pillows and assure them of sweet, wonderful dreams. This all natural pillow mist/sleep spray helps to calm and soothe after a day of bouncy energy. The aromatherapy benefits alone are enough to induce a slumbery state, thanks to the organic essential oils of lavender, clary sage, & bergamot. Lavender essential oil is legendary for being a natural, relaxing sedative, and is truly beneficial when sweet dreams are on your checklist. Moms, don’t forget yourselves! You need restful sleep, too!