Elderberry Syrup w/ Schisandra, Eleuthero + Rhodiola by Fat of the Land - 8.4 oz.

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Elderberry Syrup // Schisandra, Eleuthero + Rhodiola  8 oz


An elderberry syrup to energize and support your body's natural defenses. It is a potent antiviral, adaptogen, antioxidant, expectorant and immunomodulating syrup to help prevent or recover from cold, fevers + flus. This blend is a warming, aromatic, and slightly spicy powerhouse of energy and wellbeing. 

Take a tsp daily as a preventive measure against illness, or a tsp every couple of hours to send illness packing. This syrup also makes a delicious addition to morning oats, pancakes, or beverages.

Spring Water, Raw Local Honey, Maple Syrup, Elderberries, Schisandra Berries, Eleuthero Root, Rhodiola Root, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves​ + Brandy

Available in an 8.4 ounce glass bottle.

// Please keep refrigerated to enjoy extended use. //

*All ingredients are ethically wildcrafted or organically grown.