JOLIETTE Elegant Large Teapot

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A large glass teapot that blends beautiful design with quality materials such as borosilicate glass & stain.


Infuser Glass teapot with a contemporary twist

The JOLIETTE is a high-quality large glass teapot from GROSCHE. The glass body gives it a classic look while the stainless steel gives it a contemporary twist. The JOLIETTE effortlessly blends beautiful design with high-quality materials and perfect functionality. The JOLIETTE has a large capacity of 1250 ml / 42 fl. oz. and makes three to four large cups of tea at a time.


We do not recommend using the Joliette Infuser Teapot on the stove top. Boil water in a kettle and pour hot water into the teapot. Do not microwave lid or infuser. 


  • 1250 ml capacity, enough for about 3-4 cups of tea
  • Stainless Steel infuser 
  • Borosilicate, heat-resistant glass