Introduction to Astrological Herbalism - September 12th

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It is a fact of nature that certain plants bud, bloom, and seed at particular times of the
year. Astrological herbalism has long taken advantage of this observation, and employed
it in building sophisticated means and methods to understand and harness the magic of

Date: Thursday, September 12th
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Place: Remedies, 453 Court St, Brooklyn, NY
Tuition: $35
In this introductory class, Dr Alexander Cummins - a historian of magic, author, and
professional diviner - will take us through some of the key concepts and techniques of
applying the wisdom and power of the stars to our botany.
We will explore engagements with the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth as well
as the four humours of the body which underlie good health. We will investigate the
seven classical planets - the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the Sun -
and how they rise and fall to prominence across not simply the year and sky, but across
the weekdays they rule. We will investigate simple folk astrological timings for planting
and harvesting. Finally, we will wonder at the wheel of the Zodiac and its twelve signs as
it turns throughout the sky, offering blessings and cautions alike.
With these three sets of tools - elemental, planetary, and zodiacal "virtues" or potencies
of the stars - we are well set to engage with our plants and our environment itself on a
deeper and more nurturing level.

Dr Alexander Cummins is a consultant sorcerer, professional diviner, and historian of
magic. He received his doctorate in the history of early modern magic from the
University of Bristol. His research focuses on astrological and geomantic divination and
spell-craft, folk magic, the magical handbooks of medieval and early modern Europe, and
medicine. Dr Cummins can be found at, where he is
available for coaching, consults, and readings.