FLOWER MAIDENS Photography Exhibit - Ongoing

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March 23rd - June


The many variations of feminine character are complemented by the use of florals in these conceptual photographs by Kristin Reimer. From strong and beguiling to graceful and maternal, the florals burst forth from, embrace, shroud or caress the women at the heart of these images.

Designed to evoke a feeling of fantasy and otherworldliness, the conceptual photographs in this exhibition are composite works. In some, the pieces have been created digitally by combining elements from up to twenty other images.

Take a break from reality and escape into another world, even for just a moment.



About the Artist:

Kristin Remer is a fine-art & documentary photographer.

Based in Brooklyn I spent my childhood engrossed in magic, fairy tales and mythology. My interests all involved an element of seeing things that might not be apparent to those around me. It came as no surprise that I became a visual artist and that these themes have made an appearance in my fine-art portrait work.

Creativity is my form of communication. Painting, sculpture and later photography, are all tools that have allowed me to document the thoughts that I may not be able to fully express with words. I have always found myself utilizing textures, layers and whimsy not just to document, but also to tell a visual tale filled with hope, magic and passion.

Originally a painter, I concentrated solely on photography while attending college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I am the founder of Photomuse, an award-winning, fine-art & documentary wedding & portrait company. Prior to founding Photomuse, I focused on photojournalism and documentary photography while working at Magnum Photos and subsequently as the studio manager for renowned photographers Elliott Erwitt and Ed Kashi.

I am currently taking portrait commissions for 2017.