Crystals for Confidence and Growth - October 10th

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Self-growth can be challenging, and while we are all on a daily journey to improve and develop, sometimes discovering how to grow can be daunting. Whether you're starting a meditation practice, going back to school, getting more in touch with your emotions, committing to a new skill, or simply want to do your job better, crystal healing can help speed up your growth and make personal development an enlightening and enriching experience. Using crystals to change your spiritual vibration can help you learn faster, achieve more, and get to know yourself more deeply. We'll discuss what chakras correspond with your personal development goals, how to become the person that achieves your dreams, and how to visualize so you can grow your confidence and stop playing small. Come learn how to change your life with crystal healing


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Wednesday, October 10th; 7:00pm-8:30pm


Remedies Herb Shop

453 Court St (between 4th Pl and Luquer St)


$30 advanced registration ($40 at the dorr)

Clair Belmonte is a recent transplant to Brooklyn by way of Chicago. She discovered a love for crystals shortly after her introduction to hypnotism and healing meditation. By incorporating crystals into her meditation practice and learning about healing methods, Clair has transformed her life and business by aligning her intentions with the universe and her subconscious. Clair frequently incorporates crystal healing and mindset work into her work with private clients.