Private Reading at Catskills Weekend (June 28th-30th)

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30 minute private reading with Demitra Vassiliadis


The moment of our birth is imbued with celestial resonances. Each of the planets imprints on us their specific taste, look, and feel. We carry these archetypes along with us and access them upon unconscious command.  We are a symphony of these sounds all sculpting us exquisitely into individual form.  In the reading, we will bring to light the prominent energies that are at play and expose their radiant nature along with the shadow tendencies.

You will need your exact time and place of birth for an astrology session in order to have an accurate and more satisfying reading! Please keep this in mind when deciding which reading you would like to book.


Please provide:

1. Exact time of Birth

2. Place of Birth

3. Date of Birth

Please send these details to after you have booked your session so Demitra has this information in advance. 


These are the available time slots. PLEASE BE SURE TO LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AT CHECKOUT WHICH TIME SLOT YOU ARE BOOKING FOR! This schedule does not get updated in real time but we will do our best to update it as slots are booked so you can see what is available. 











 6:30pm - UNAVAILAB