My 28 Day Cleanse, Week 1

Posted by Cheryl on 9th Feb 2016

One week down and three to go! As I sit here this morning writing and yes, still craving my morning cup of coffee, I wonder if I'll be able to stick with this cleanse for another three weeks. I'm hopi … read more

​Reflections on Frankincense

Posted by Adonito on 1st Feb 2016

An important part of any practicing herbalist is to engage a direct conversation with the plants. By this I mean that when we look to any particular plant, there are a multitude of questions that w … read more

More from Our 2016 Holiday Gift Set Maker Spotlight Series!

Posted by LL on 20th Dec 2015

In our last two blog posts, we shared with you stories of several of our finest makers. Today, we’re delighted to bring you highlights from two more of the six holiday gift sets we put together t … read more