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Woven and knotted with memories of the ocean and its currents. Can also be worn.
Organic cotton hand-dyed with indigo.
Approx. 29"x 63" (without fringe)
Indigo Autumn is a series of wall hangings handwoven with an array of fair trade, organic cotton, Catskills merino wool and 'peace' silk, a wild silk that is sustainably harvested after the moths have emerged from their silk cocoons. Each color in this collection is the result of meticulous traditional dyeing processes using plant pigments such as indigo, camelia sinensis, black walnut, cochineal and more.
Lea Thomas is a musician, wild crafting herbalist and visual artist currently based in Brooklyn. Deeply inspired by her explorations in nature, Lea's weavings celebrate the freedom and beauty of natural 'imperfections,' using organic colors and materials.