Floracopeia Vetiver - 1/2oz

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Of all essential oils, few capture the aromatic complexity of the earth's botanical bounty as completely as vetiver grass. Organically grown in Haiti and used for therapeutic, meditation, and perfuming purposes, this sweet, rooty, deeply relaxing oil, reminiscent of woods and marshland, is grounding, cooling and nourishing.

Vetiver is easily propagated and used for regenerating damaged soils and to prevent erosion. The roots are harvested and the rich, sensuous, earthy oil of vetiver is produced. Although it may be the world's most commonly used perfume fixative--or a base note that holds lighter top notes to the skin--vetiver is in itself an extremely healing oil to the body and the mind. It is cool and calming to the senses and mood, and it is soothing and rejuvenating to the skin.

One of the most biochemically complex of all essential oils, vetiver contains at least 150 identified aromatic compounds (with many more unidentified). Because its chemical properties are a function of the soil they are grown in, each batch of vetiver oil will have fragrance variations that are unique and subtle.

Vetiver oil is used in liniments and massage oils to promote comfort and assist the joints. It is also used in cosmetic preparations for it’s natural affinity for the skin, enhancing skin health and radiance. Vetiver has a strong power of attraction and enhances sensual and romantic moods.

Through its strengthening, tonic, grounding and regenerating effects, it supports and stabilizes the nervous system, making it a good choice for soothing and comforting body and mind. Vetiver promotes emotional equilibrium, purifies the mind and enhances concentration.

Deeply calming, balancing and restorative, vetiver promotes rejuvenation on all levels and aids relaxation. Vetiver is an excellent choice to keep on your nightside table for promoting deep and revitalizing sleep.