Love Spell #3 Soap by Peony Rose Apothecary

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Love Spell #3 Soap by Peony Rose Apothecary

"By Sun, and Moon, by Stars and Sea, I Love You and You Love Me!"

With romantic floral scents of hyacinth, rose and jasmine, Love Spell #3, stirs up memories and feelings of a head over heals new love. You're walking hand in hand, along the promenade, the creek, the strand, with the one you love, dizzy, giddy, head over heels in love, and you hope that love is returned. That's where Love Spell #3 comes in!

Peony Rose Apothecary soaps are hand-crafted, always vegan, infused with love and joy, and never tested on animals. The love spell soaps just might be infused with a little extra love. xo
contains saponified oils of olive, coconut, and sustainable palm, Rosa damascena, Calendula oficinalis, essential and fragrance oils, reiki, and blessings of love, joy and wellness.