Iolite and Moonstone Necklace (ERAN)

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Iolite and Moonstone Necklace (ERAN)

Eran necklace

Moonstone pendant with kyanite heart, on string of iolite, quartz crystal, and milk opals in light and dark neutral shades. Sterling silver clasp, 28.5 inches long: 27 inches around, pendant and drop are 1.5 inches.

These jewels form a magical tool to support you and your unique energy. It will arrive boxed, accompanied by this description of each stone's qualities, printed on parchment paper:

For a traveler at the height of her power, but in a time of exciting change, moonstone asserts personal strength and connection to the Divine Feminine, enhancing creativity and drawing forth the Inner Queen. Iolite is the “yes” stone: stimulating vision and providing direction, it is a bringer of opportunities and adventure. Milk opals enhance intuition, allowing for the recognition of new desires and the courage to pursue them with joy and confidence. A single kyanite heart, a stone that holds no negativity, swings below the moonstone as a serene, enduring smile.

You are blessed and grateful, and drawing more prosperity into your life; secure in your talent and independence, and not afraid to ask for what you want. Continue to honor the magical adventure of transformation: there is always more to a woman than meets the eye.

Be creative with this magical tool, the more you use it the more it will attune to your personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.