Blue aventurine and moonstone Earrings (BAM)

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 Blue aventurine and moonstone Earrings (BAM)

Blue Aventurine Spheres with Moonstone Drops earrings

Vibrantly saturated robin's egg blue spheres hold five sparkling moonstone drops each, a bright display of femininity and color guaranteed to radiate joy and warmth as surely as they will bring the wearer protection and endurance. With quartz crystal added to amplify the power of your intentions, these amulets pack a lot of magic in a delightful package.

Blue aventurine, moonstones, on 14k gold filled ball and post earrings; 1.5 inches.

These jewels are magical tools to support you and your unique energy. They will arrive boxed, accompanied by this description of each stone's qualities, printed on parchment paper:



Blue Aventurine

environmental protection, empathy, perseverance, emotional and intellectual understanding


creativity, prosperity, healing, attraction

Quartz Crystal

magic, life force, health, happiness