Winter Solstice Celebration - December 20th, 2017

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Winter Solstice Celebration - December 20th, 2017


Celebrate Sacred Saturn, and the Return of the Light
with Astrologer Demitra Vassiliadis at beautiful Remedies Herb Shop
The winter solstice is one of four major solar holidays of the year. It is the longest night and shortest day of the year, when the tide of night is at its highest ebb. From this day forward, till the summer solstice, the Light slowly returns and the days begin to lengthen. Astrologically the solstice is the moment the Sun enters Capricorn, the sign of responsible elders, commitment, discipline, sacrifice and executive function.
This year the solstice chart is especially powerful and weighty as Saturn the ruler of Capricorn will be entering Capricorn merged with the solstice Sun. (Saturn has not been in Capricorn, for 29 years.) This aspect indicates that this will be a weighty and consequential season, as we are all called to Capricorn’s Sacred Mountain. It is time to commit to our Holy Work and our most sacred sense of duty and responsibility. Join us for a ceremony to harness the power of this beautiful aspect as we also harness the power of commitment, intention, and inner authority. 
Join us at beautiful Remedies Herb Shop in Caroll Gardens Brooklyn on Wednesday December 20th, the evening after the New Moon in Capricorn and the evening before the winter solstice. Together we will harness and prepare for the magic of both! 
Together we will create sacred space and ceremony in which to take our first  sacred step into the winter with sacred intention. Join us for an evening of guided meditation, ceremony, intention setting and sacred ritual as we claim our inner Saturn, the planet of sacred duty and personal authority as together, we  invite the returning tide of Light back into our lives. Bring a journal or something to write on, though we will have paper and pens should you need them. Come join us!

Date: Wednesday, December 20th

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Place: TBA (will be within 2 minute walk of Remedies)

Fee: $20 (this is a suggested fee. If you are unable to register due to finances, please call the shop and we will be happy to offer a sliding scale)