Herbal Healing in the Autumn - Tuesday, Sept 26th

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Herbal Healing in the Autumn - Tuesday, Sept 26th

Seasonal considerations are central to holistic herbal medicine.  This class will concentrate on herbal remedies for autumn, including herbs for colds, flu, lung health, immunity, and the gathering of energy to last through the winter. 


Tuesday, September 26th




Remedies Herb Shop, 453 Court St, Brooklyn



Traditionally, during harvest time people eat seasonal food and take herbal remedies in order to build energy and biological warmth so that their immune systems are strong and their bodies are prepared for the up-coming winter.  Because colds are common with seasonal change and the back-to-school time, and in accordance with the theories of Chinese medicine, autumn is a time to build up the lungs and be prepared with various herbal remedies to treat the many forms of coughs and lung afflictions.  This class will cover herbal remedy selection according to various symptoms of colds, coughs, and seasonal illness, including allergies.  Formulation and preparation will also be covered. 


Nathaniel Whitmore is a wildcrafter, herbalist, and shiatsu (acupressure) practitioner.  He works at an acupuncture clinic in Milford, PA and in various locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  He teaches regularly about wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms, and specializes in the use of wild medicinals.